Being A Vegan And The Significant Other


Hi All,

Today, I want to talk about one’s vegan journey with the significant other. In our household, I became a vegan first. As I shared in my previous blog post, I suddenly had a deep understanding that we are not supposed to “eat” animals. That’s how I became a vegan. Then, the more I researched about the dairy farms, slaughterhouses, negative impact on earth and human health, I only became more grateful that I opened my eyes and turned vegan.

When I first told my husband that I were not going to eat animal products anymore, he 100% supported me. He said he totally understood and respected my decision. I also told him that I was not going to cook meals that involved animal products anymore, because I would not be able to stand it. He still respected it and said he would eat meat during lunch at work. He also suggested that this would actually work out for him since eating less animal products would be good for the health as well.

I thought I was super lucky since he didn’t disrespect my decision, or protested that moving forward, our meals would be plant based only.

A week into my veganism, I stumbled upon “Forks over Knives” on Netflix. My husband wasn’t interested in it and said he would play a video game instead 🙂 I started watching it and 10-15 minutes into it, I turned towards my husband and saw that he was watching it as well with full attention while still holding the game console 🙂 Little while later, he came to the couch and we watched the full thing together. We were both very impressed with the content. He said that he would not eat animal based products for lunch either. So, i asked him if he became a vegan. He didn’t want to be labeled as such and said he might give in to some meat once in a while. He just didn’t want to be restricted and I respected that.

After a while though, he and I both realized he actually was vegan. He was reading all the food packaging carefully, he kept watching the relevant documentaries, he started influencing his family and friends. And even at restaurants, he only ordered full vegan foods. Now, he is OK with the title and admits that he did turn vegan.

Pursuing the same lifestyles made our lives so much easier. We are both very compassionate towards animal welfare. Sharing the same passion with your significant other is very rewarding!

Sometimes, I can’t help but think what if he was totally against this! It would’ve been very difficult to pursue my passion. And who knows, maybe I might have given in and turned back to my old lifestyle.

Now, we support and motivate each other on veganism. He also is the engine behind this website. Like all my other endeavors in life, my husband supports me with this milestone as well. I’m forever grateful.

How about your significant others? Are they vegans as well? Who became vegan first? If they are not vegans, how do you balance?






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