May 10, 2016

Plant Based Sources Of Iron

Hi All, As you all know, iron is a very important nutrient since it’s a central part of hemoglobin (that carries oxygen in blood). Iron deficiency, anemia, is a frequent case in people, especially in young women and children. I’ve done some online research on types of iron, suggested intake and iron rich plants. Here Read More

May 9, 2016

Mediterranean Eggplant Entree

Hi All, Today, I made a delicious eggplant entree. It is cooked in olive oil, dill and spices; it’s very light, yet nutritious and delicious. It’s quite easy to make as well. I hope you enjoy it. Ingredients: – 3 medium size eggplants – 1 large yellow onion – 2 tomatoes – 1/2 tablespoon tomato Read More

May 6, 2016

Do Non-Vegans Talk About Veganism More Than Vegans?

I think about this question quite often. The reason why this question even emerged in my head is my own experience and my observations of other vegans through the social media. Veganism is my lifestyle. I try to learn and experience new things on veganism, and healthy nutrition. I blog/share what I learn to inspire Read More

May 4, 2016

Almond Butter Brownie

Hi All, Today, I had a huge craving for some dessert! It has been a rainy day, and for some reason, I crave for more food during this type of weather 🙂 Luckily, I made a “guilt-free”, flour-less brownies with no refined sugar. And it involved no baking at all! Came out really good. Ingredients: – Read More

May 3, 2016

Easy Vegan Pizza

Hi All, Today, I had a huge craving for pizza. My guess is, since I limit my bread intake to a minimum, the craving was actually for some carbs 🙂 I decided to try a homemade pizza with the ingredients I had at home. It came out so good, I decided to share it. It Read More