April 15, 2016

Being A Vegan And The Significant Other

Hi All, Today, I want to talk about one’s vegan journey with the significant other. In our household, I became a vegan first. As I shared in my previous blog post, I suddenly had a deep understanding that we are not supposed to “eat” animals. That’s how I became a vegan. Then, the more I Read More

April 11, 2016

Spicy Vegan Super Salad

Hi All! Since Spring is finally here (although doesn’t exactly feel like it on the East Coast), I wanted to make a nice, fresh salad for lunch. As a vegan, I eat a lot of vegetables throughout the day; this salad is full of good nutrients, and is super delicious. Here are the ingredients for one Read More

April 10, 2016

Hi! I’m A Proud Vegan

Hello everyone! I’m super excited for my first blog post! So, let’s start with why I’m writing about veganism and why I’m a proud vegan. Well, it all started, not long ago, when a light came on in my head and I became a vegan 🙂 For most of my life, I never really understood or even Read More