Hi! I’m A Proud Vegan


Hello everyone! I’m super excited for my first blog post! So, let’s start with why I’m writing about veganism and why I’m a proud vegan.

Well, it all started, not long ago, when a light came on in my head and I became a vegan 🙂 For most of my life, I never really understood or even tried to understand veganism. I was raised in a household where eating animal based products was the essential part of our nutrition. So, I didn’t think about the consequences of eating animal based products, at all. I actually quite enjoyed that type of nutrition and included in my meals most of the time.

One day, I was doing some online research for work, and out of nowhere, I stumbled upon this quote from Gandhi: “violence begins with the fork”. Something shifted in my heart. I knew I had to know more. I kept looking into animal farms, slaughterhouses, why vegans advocate plant based nutrition and so on. The more I read, the more I felt the pain in my heart.

I guess I always thought the meat were grown on trees and didn’t result in slaughtering the animals. Joking aside, did I not know the animals were being killed for the meat I was eating, of course, but just like many other people, I chose to ignore it. I chose not to even think about it, or question it. After all, this was how I was I raised, right? But now, I know!

That day, I shared the experience with my husband and told him that I didn’t think I could ever eat an animal based product again. But you know what, I didn’t tell anybody else that I became a vegan for two more weeks. I guess I didn’t want to commit to it in case it was just a temporary desire. For those two weeks, I tested myself by picturing food with meat that I liked a lot (to see if it would water my mouth). Each time, I felt totally disgusted. My biggest test was the “brownie test”. I have a sweet tooth! And my local grocery store has these brownies that I couldn’t live without. I had gotten them before I turned vegan and they were sitting on the kitchen counter. They have eggs and milk in them, of course. I said, OK, I can just take a bite and see how it feels. I took a bite and I immediately spit it out of my mouth. Just the idea of eggs and milk made me sick to my stomach. So, after passing the “brownie test”, I knew I could never go back to eating animal based products. With confidence, I announced everybody that I became a vegan 🙂

As you all know, people have interesting reactions when they hear about vegan diet. And, yes, I have been getting some mixed reactions, too. Here are some of the reactions I have been getting, ranked form positive to negative:

– Wow, congrats, you are awesome!

– Good for you! I would love to shift my diet as well.

– I wish I could do it as well but I don’t think I could live without cheese and milk.

– So, do you eat fish? What about eggs? Well how do you drink your coffee?

– What about protein?? I mean the real protein, animal protein?

– You know meat is good for you!

– What about your husband? Oh my god, him too?

– But this is how the food chain works, animals are here for our nutrition.

The list goes on and on and on…

All I care is setting an example with my vegan lifestyle and inspire others. I certainly am still learning a lot about balanced vegan diet and veganism overall. And I would like to share them as I learn.

To me, it is all about compassion, not just towards animals but also towards the earth and human health.



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